Saturday, 25 October 2014

Peace and war

We all know that the only reason Palestinians are dying in Gaza is because of disgusting Hamas policy of using Human shields.

Does ISIS use human shield policy against the Kurds? No
Does ISIS use human shield policy against US? YES
Why? Because there are people who pay attention. Even a child can understand this.
I remember when I was a child, my father told me that US is bombing Iraqis hospital ( Note Israel does not bomb hospitals full of patients and unlike US, Israel does give advance warnings ). I asked my father "but Why?!". He said because Saddam has put anti-aircraft weaponry on the top of hospitals. At this point it became clear to me that Saddam is forcing US to kill innocent people. I was utterly disgusted by Saddam and asked my father why the hell Saddam does something so disgusting?! does he want to be unpopular? My father said they want to make US unpopular. I then asked my self why would any person in their right mind condemn US for this?  Do they want to encourage Saddam to do something so evil? At that time I thought that Saddam tactics is not going to work and no one is crazy enough to condemn US for this.

But when I grew up I realized that I was wrong to my shock and surprise. The more aggressively terrorist organisations use the human shield policy, the more popular they get! In what f@#cked up world would a terrorist organisation be more popular BY using disgusting human shield policy? Anyone who condemns Israel is a criminal who by giving Hamas every reason to use human shields is responsible for Palestinian deaths.

Criminal hate filled anti-Israeli gangs are very happy that Palestinians die because it will make it easy for them to demonize Israel. These murderers are responsible for the death of Palestinians. One can use the reverse Nuremberg defense that they do not commit the murders themselves they just encourage it. Then again Hitler never killed anyone himself, he just gave the orders!

There are also some shallow people who actually care about Palestinian life and then rally against Israel after seeing pictures like this:

Its very easy to recruit people against Israel:
step1: show a picture of a dead Syrian to a stupid person
step 2: lie that he has died in Gaza
step 3: success!
Israel shares similar struggle as the Kurdish people and therefore should send reinforcements to Kurdistan to help them. But the problem is that any action like that would be interpreted as part of a crusade against all Muslims. We all know that this would be a lie, but it is the story that would be told throughout the Muslim world as it would actually grow ISIS support. 

In the name of Pacifism!
The non-aligned alliance has successfully parallelized western intervention by spreading conspiracy theories. In these days of moral inversion, peace means to allow a bloodbath to follow and watch it happen. Stopping a bloodbath would earn you the label of war mongering. Yeah lets allow  thousands over thousands of people be massacred and enslaved! You know, for the sake of peace an all!
At this point I do not care about lies and libels - perhaps I should be more diplomatic. Lives are more important than PR and favor of criminally biased western media - there is no appeasing them just like there is no appeasing the terrorists.

If an army attacks another, and if you are a mentally stable person,  you support the defender and condemn the attacker. It does not matter if the attacker is weak or using human shield policy. Doing the opposite would give the attacker every reason to continue the war.

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