Thursday, 16 October 2014

Is Gaza under occupation

Short answer: NO! Gaza is under the control of Hamas. How the hell Israel ends up to be the occupier!

2005 disengagement

If you think Israel ever occupied Palestine Click here. At year 2005 Israel disengaged from Gaza and evicted every last Jew out of Gaza. They even took the dead Jews in the graves out of Gaza. Without a single Jew in Gaza, it could not possibly be occupied.
Gaza expulsion
By the way why are there no human rights discussing the rights of the Jews who have been expelled while there are many discussing supposed expulsion of Palestinians? Is that not double standards?

UN stance

Even though Israel has evicted every Jew out of Gaza, UN still thinks Gaza is occupied!
UN is an embarrassment to itself. At year 2003 Kernel Gaddafi (libya) was chair and Mahmud Ahmadinejad (Iran) was vice chair in UNHRC so it is no surprise that they praise terror and condemn peace agreements.

Palestinian confessions

Hamas- the ruler of Gaza confirms that Gaza is liberated:

And Fatah agrees with Hamas on Palestinian TV ( 2:10 "Hasn't Gaza been liberated? Al-Zahhar told us 1000 times that it has". ):
So if Hamas and Fatah both agree that Gaza is liberated then why do we pretend otherwise?

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