Sunday, 5 October 2014

Is Israel fighting a holy war?

Many people view the middle east conflict like this: "everyone tearing each other apart in the middle east for religious reasons. Jews and Muslims are a bunch of religious fanatics killing each other for holly land."

In this post I discuss:
  • Irreligion in Israel
  • Israel tolerance and contributions
  • Palestinian motivations
Just to be clear I support Palestine particularly those Palestinians who just want a peaceful state. However I oppose their bloodthirsty government and crazy extremists.

Say what?!

If you think Israel is fighting a holy war, well ... I have news for you! Your view of Israel is that of an alternate universe!
Forefathers of Zion were Atheists
God does not exists in the declaration of independence of Israel which explains why some Jews are anti-Israel . They much prefer Palestinian theocracy.
 Anti-Zionist Jews.
Pissed off orthodox Jews!
Extra pissed off orthodox Jews!

There is no lack of Jew hatred in the middle east. Atheists are hated even more. Imagine how much they hate Jewish Atheists!

This is REAL Israel

Israel is a country whose sole purpose for existence is to fight racism. The Zionist Motto is: "We have suffered too much in the past to be indifferent to the suffering of others". For this reason Israel is a safe haven - and not just for Jews:

Ethiopian Miss. Israel

66 Vietnamese refugees in Israel who were left to starve by European countries

A satire describing Israels contributions to the world:

Palestinians motivation:

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The war from Palestinian point of the view is a holy war:

Forefather of Palestine
Forefather of Palestine

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