Friday, 24 October 2014

Modern Anti semetism

Is anti Zionism Antisemitism?

I agree that most anti Israelis are just ignorant. But they get they information from Jew hating propaganda. Some of the other lobbies are communist and hate Israel because its a democracy.

Of course you can criticism Israel but when these criticisms get the form of lies and libels then it becomes antisemitism under the cover of anti-Zionism.

There has been a sharp rise in antisemitism in Europe. With 400% rise in antisemitic hate crimes only in the past year I have to ask is Europe going to be reverted to the times of the Nazis?

The Europe of today is becoming like the Nazis:
1-Lies and Libels: before Nazis Jews were blamed of the blood libel and diecide. Now the Jewish state is blamed of the apartheid libel and genocide ( 40% in Europe think Israel wants to exterminate Palestinians! )
2- Widespread boycotts against Jewish businesses. Today its BDS.
3- Hate crimes against Jews: 400% rise in Europe.
4- Hatred and racism is being used as a political tool to win political office just like the time of Nazis:

If you think the video above has anything to do with reality  -->> CLICK HERE
To see if the hate filled atmosphere in the house of commons is racism, you can put it to 3D test: Demonization, de-ligitmization, and double standards

These are NOT all words and no action:
- Eruope embracing the blood libel - namely the Goldstone report
- EU is devising sanctions against Israel.

All this is not only the problem of Israel. hateful, prejudice, and corrupt government cannot be trusted to create a prosperous Europe.

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