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Is Israel oppressing Gazans?

Fatah and Hamas seem to have perfected the art of lying. They swarm Israel with huge number of lies in the hope that some of these lies will get through. Let me dispel some of these lies for you:

  Myth 1:Siege/Sanction/blockade
  Myth 2: Starvation
  Myth 4:Humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
  Myth 5:Apartheid wall
  Myth 6:Incremental genocide!
  Myth 7:Ethnic cleansing
  Myth 8:Extermination!
  Myth 9:Limiting resources such as water/power
  And much much more!

The further back you can see into the past, the further you can see into the future. Lets first have a look at the days that Israel was under total blockade and cut off from most of the world.:

No global outrage for the continued oppression of the Jews even after the Nazi horrors, no rallies, no help. Only oppression.

Zionism was a movement to protect Jews from prosecution and racism that has been rampant for millennia. Abusing human rights is the last thing on the mind of the Zionists.

Israelis do not forgive Europeans who ignore death and suffering of Israelis while respected European intellectuals justify Palestinian terror as a proof of Israeli oppression. 
Years of terror - Israel's 9/11
Israeli victims of terror

In return Israelis far from oppressing Palestinian they have tried every trick in the book to be nice to them.

After 2005:
  • Israel expelled all Jews from Gaza.
  • Israel allowed 100,000 Palestinians to cross the Gaza border every day to work in Israel and built the infrastructure for 1 million.
  • Israel donated flourishing green houses to create extra jobs inside Gaza
  • Israel provided billions of kilograms of humanitarian aid to Gaza.
  • Israel provided Gaza with free electricity.
  • Israel provided free medical aid for those Palestinians who could not afford it.
  • There was no maritime weapon blockade, no restriction on dual purpose materials (cement, fuel, etc) and Israel was negotiating over building an air port.
After Hamas:
  • Hamas made the crime of doing Business with Jews punishable by death and turned Gaza into prison camp. 100,000 people lost their jobs.
  • Palestinians burnt the green houses the next day.
  • Hamas fired thousands upon thousands of missiles shipped from Iran aimed at Israeli civilians. Israel responded by putting Hamas under a maritime weapon blockade.
  • Hams built terror tunnels and rockets. Israel responded by restricting flow of cement and fuel.
Lets face it, People of Gaza made the wrong choice and now they are paying the price. Hamas must be dismantled, if not for Israel, but for Palestine.

2005 Disengagement

Israel, desperate for peace took a gamble and decided to evacuate Gaza at year 2005.

Thousands of Jews became homeless and jobless, while Israeli soldiers were dragging crying masses of Jews out of Gaza. The drama was so much that even some soldiers started to cry.
Ethnic cleansing of whole population of people is a crime against humanity. Some people called this a courageous sacrifice, Some people called it treason. Leave it to the west to find a third option claiming Israel does not want to make peace!!!


Israel has been delivering billions of kilograms of humanitarian aid into Gaza: Food, medicine, water, etc. That is one ton per person and according to Palestinian TV it is more than Enough!

Anti-Israeli activists claim Gaza is under siege. Siege according to dictionary is a situation in which essential supplies such as food or water are denied to a city. Gaza is NOT under siege!

Israel provides the people of Gaza with free Electricity. ( anti-Israelis re-brand  this as dominating the resources! ) The people of Gaza do not have to pay such bills.

Gaza does have a water problem, but Israel is not responsible to deliver water to Gaza. Palestinian government  failed to control the water supplies in Gaza. Furthermore Hamas targets Israel's power plant. When the rocket does hit, Hamas blames Israel for cutting off Gaza power.

Prison Camp

after evacuation of Gaza Israel allowed 100,000 Palestinian to cross the border on a daily basis to work in Israel. When Hamas came around it made the crime of doing Business with Jews punishable by death. Israel even built the infrastructure to let 1 million Palestinian through on a daily basis, but Hamas does not let the people of Gaza out.

Hamas has made a career of torturing Palestinians and blaming Jews for it.Gaza is a prison alright ... but it is one of Hamas's creation. Hamas charges Palestinians who want to immigrate out of Gaza thousands of dollars according to Palestinian TV.

Gaza is not a total prison camp. Fortunately Hamas does allow some traffic:

Gaza wall

Despite the better judgment of anti-Israeli activists, the wall over Gaza is not wall of ethnic separation. 20% of population of Israel are Arabs and they have full freedom.

Lets call the wall by its real name: security fence. The fence was built in response to a momentous terror from Gaza in order to keep the terrorist out. And guess what, it works! For the same reason a partial security fence was built over the west bank.
Construction of security fence took from 2002 to 2007.
When people complain about the security fence over Gaza, they conveniently forget to mention that these walls posses GATES through which millions of Palestinians can cross (if Hamas lets them that is). The walls only block illegitimate crossings. Every city in the past was surrounded by wall.Would it make them prisons?
Not a prison camp! Just a secure city.
Lets be honest, Some people just want to find some excuse to hate Israel. If they cannot find one they make up lies and propaganda.

Sanction or blockade

There is absolutely no sanctions or blockade over Gaza - except for weapon blockade. Israel lets in all the products the Gazans need. Those who think that the Palestinian terror is as a result of the weapon blockade are confusing cause and effect. At 2005 after Israels disengagement even the maritime weapon blockade did not existed. No restriction of cement, no restriction of fuel. Israel was even negotiating over building an airport. So Palestinians had no reason to attack Israel. Yet Hamas fired thousands of missiles shipped from Iran aimed at Israeli civilians. Why? simply because they hate us. Israel put a Maritime weapon blockade over Gaza to stop Iranian shipment of terror missiles and are more than happy to lift it if Hamas would stop the terror. 

The maritime weapon blockade does not block Palestinian trade routes or imprison the Palestinians. The products are delivered through the port of Ashdod into Gaza.The same thing is true with the aerial weapon blockade. The People of Gaza can and do travel using Israeli airport.

There is no economic sanctions on Gaza. As part of the weapon blockade Israel restricted the amount of cement that goes into Gaza after Hamas started to build terror tunnels. 
Israel allows enough cement into Gaza to meet the civilian needs. But Hamas uses all the resources available to them to build a terror city under the ground leaving little for the city over the ground. If Hamas guarantees that they will not build terror tunnels if Israel lifts the restriction of cement. But then again, Gaza will not need any more cement to begin with if Hamas stopped building terror tunnels.

1370 tunnels 30 of which are Israel-Gaza cross border terror tunnels.

Humanitarian crisis

Despite Hamas' oppressive regime, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza - thanks to Israel donations. Hamas steals everything from their people: food, aid, money, cement, etc. The people of Gaza only get the left overs.

Palestinian government have made a career out of lying to demonize Israel. Palestine situation is not good its true, but it is better than many other impoverished cities in the world.

Medical aid

Israel provides FREE medical aid to Palestinians who cannot afford it. We do not discriminate. Here is Granddaughter of Hamas prime minister being healed in Israel hospitals.

Genocide/Extermination/Ethnic cleansing

It seams laughable that I have to discuss this topic but unfortunately 40% of Europeans think Israel wants to exterminate the Palestinians!! Anyone who has this Opinion should be ashamed of himself. Dear Europeans, come out of your bubbles. Of course there is legitimate criticism of the Jewish state but when these criticisms are in the form of the blood libel and deicide before the Nazis, or the apartheid libel and genocide in this day and age, then its is modern age Jew hatred. 

Even the British commander is saying that Israel Army has higher moral standard than British army - or any other army for that matter.

Now lets see what Palestinians want:
Hamas and Fatah boldly advertise Ethnic cleansing.

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